What we do

Direct intervention

This area of assistance is the core of Project HOPE and centers around providing residential services (accommodation and coverage of basic needs) in conditions of safety and dignity for the women being assisted, as well as information and support services in medical, psychological, legal, social and occupational areas.

Since its beginning, Project HOPE has followed a work philosophy based on the defense and promotion of women’s rights. Our effort has been concentrated on strengthening and promoting the independence of women who have been victims of human trafficking, helping them to play the lead role in their own recovery and social integration, and to take back control of their lives.

Our work is carried out in a network of residential resources, emergency shelters, long-term shelters, two independent apartments and a services office, all located in the Community of Madrid.  This network is connected with other resources associated with the institution itself, as well as other organizations, particularly with the Network of Centers and Services for Women of the Community of Madrid, through an agreement signed with this institution.

Providing comprehensive support for women

Residential Services

As part of the area of direct intervention, Project HOPE manages a three-phase residential care program:

  • Emergency shelter: Average length of stay: 15 days – 2 months
  • Long-term shelter: Average length of stay: 6 – 8 months
  • Two independent apartments: Maximum duration of stay: 1 year

The residence is anonymous/ confidential and covers the basic needs of the women: food, clothing, transportation, communication with the family, and pocket money.

Non-Residential Services

As part of the area of direct intervention, we coordinate access to the following services:

Medical and psychological care:

  • Information and assistance to women so that they can receive immediate medical treatment.
  • Certificate of residence at city hall and handling the paperwork necessary to obtain a health card
  • Individual and group psychological support

Information and legal advice

  • Information and guidance for women regarding their legal situation
  • Support for requesting the “Reflection Period”, if there are indications of trafficking
  • Assistance to guarantee that women can effectivly exercise their rights, if they opt to file a formal report and begin a criminal lawsuit
  • Support for the regularization of administrative situation for women who wish to stay in Spain

Information and advice about the processes of voluntary return

  • Search for economic means and managing the voluntary return process for women,
  • Processing of the necessary documentation, where applicable
  • Coordination with organizations in the countries of origin.

Information and advice about the processes of social and occupational integration

  • Support for learning Spanish
  • Information and support for access to education or training
  • Information and guidance on the job market in Spain
  • Job-searching skills workshops