Awareness Raising: Communication, Training and Political advocacy

Project HOPE is committed to participating in and creating spaces to share critical analysis and conclusions we have reached through our work of providing comprehensive support to women who are victims of human trafficking.

In the Awareness,Raising area we inform society and public authorities as well as speak out against the existence and conditions of this modern form of slavery. We educate professionals who, due to their work, may encounter cases of trafficking, in order to better detect and intervene in such cases.


We work to promote awareness and knowledge about the human trafficking phenomenon in order to improve the situation of the victims and contribute to eradicating the problem.

To achieve this, we are involved in:

  • Developing, publishing and distributing materials
  • Campaigns
  • Working with the media
  • Social research
  • Organizing and participating in seminars, conferences and forums
  • Website
  • Participating in social networks


The training department was created based on our commitment to share our knowledge and experience with other public and private agents, in order to provide detection, intervention and referrals of cases with a human rights focus.

We organize and participate in workshops and training courses with the aim to improve the knowledge and skills of professionals and others in the following aspects:

1. Human trafficking from a human rights perspective

  • Clarification of concepts
  • Differentiation between human trafficking and other realities
  • Human trafficking as a violation of human rights
  • Human trafficking as a form of gender-based violence

2. Identification/ Detection of cases

  • Signs
  • Obstacles
  • Keys
  • Interviews
  • Applying the period of reestablishment and reflection

3. Multidisciplinary cooperation and referrals

  • Work plan
  • Collaboration with authorities
  • Collaboration with NGOs

4. Specialized assistance to victims of human trafficking

  • Legal assistance
  • Social and occupational assistance
  • Medical and psychological care
  • Social and occupational assistance
  • Voluntary return

Political advocacy

Project HOPE analyzes and studies the constant evolution of trafficking in women and exchanges information and experiences with other social agents and public institutions.

We formulate proposals and recommendations, through critical analysis, in order to work towards the development of legislation and public policies that prioritize the human rights of the victims.

We carry out the following actions:

  • Promote and propose changes and improvements in the legal framework
  • Explain and exchange our analysis on measures to be adopted with the different levels of public administration, political parties and other relevant interlocutors
  • Promote coordination and cooperation between public authorities and the organizations specialized in victim assistance.
  • Advocate the signing, ratification and implementation of international agreements to combat  human trafficking.