Voces Magazine

The magazine Voces contra la trata de mujeres (Voices speaking out against the trafficking in women) is a communication tool for informing, raising awareness, speaking out against, and offering proposals to impact the reality of human trafficking for the purpose of exploitation.

The magazine Voces is mainly aimed at public and private agents who, due to their line of work, are liable to come into contact with this reality, but it is also an instrument that is accessible to a wider public who is interested in becoming informed and educated about this phenomenon.

The magazine comes out twice a year, and each issue offers an in-depth case study on a topic related to trafficking in women, which is approached from various angles and perspectives throughout the permanent sections of the magazine.

In Voces contra la trata de mujeres, it is the women themselves who participate, as well as the organizations, institutions and experts who are hard at work on the issue, both in Spain as well as at an international level, and who have a reflection to contribute on a phenomenon as complex as trafficking-in-persons for the purposes of exploitation.