• Documentary Voces contra la trata de mujeres, directed by Mabel Lozano, produced by New Atlantis, and produced in collaboration with Project HOPE. Click here to watch the trailer.

Synopsis: Trafficking-in-persons is one of the biggest problems in the world today. All countries, including Spain, are affected as places of origin, transit or destination of this new form of slavery in the 21st century. Through the testimonies of 12 women who have suffered this crime, we get to know the reality hidden behind the numbers and the harsh news that appear in the media. We come together in solidarity with the victims of a reality that affects 700,000 people each year, the majority of which are women and children. With the main goal of providing comprehensive support to women who are victims of human trafficking for the purposes of exploitation, Project HOPE has collaborated with Mabel Lozano, director of the documentary, to raise awareness in society about the situation that these women experience and their needs. This is a testimonial documentary that offers these new 21st century slaves the opportunity to express themselves and to put a face on what for many are numbers of an isolated problem. It also aims to break down some of the myths about identifying human trafficking with prostitution or smuggling. The documentary discusses all of the actors involved in the phenomenon, from the victims, to the organized mafias, to the intermediaries who are involved in committing the crime. To summarize, Voces shows the image of slavery in the 21st century, provoking reflection in society on this reality

See photos of the documentary presentation here.

  • Photo Exhibit. Trafficking in women and Violation of Human Rights

The campaign, made possible thanks to the collaboration of “Musgo”, features work by the photographers Siro López, Luís Bravo, Maribel Vázquez,  Luana Fisher and Pablo García Llamas, who offer us a creative look at the route of a woman who is a victim of human trafficking. We walk through this phenomenon of slavery with one foot in the reality of the women and the other in the systematic contradiction of the UN Human Rights Charter. Project HOPE publicized the campaign with the collaboration of Project Sicar in Barcelona.

See photos of the presentation of the campaign here.

  • Campaña 2009. 10º aniversario del Proyecto ESPERANZA. Ver vídeo.

  • Campaña 2008. La piel de la indiferencia. Ver vídeo.
  • Campaña  2007. ¿Qué silencios has escuchado últimamente? Ver vídeo.
  • Campaña Navidad 2006. La libertad es el mejor regalo. Ver foto.
  • Campaña de Navidad 2005. Aprender a ver. Ver vídeo
  • Campaña “Mujer Rota”. 2005. La presentación de la campaña “Mujer Rota” en 2005 se desarrolló como fruto de la colaboración de Pepequillo, Musgo, la Caixa y Nokia en colaboración con el Proyecto ESPERANZA. Ver fotos aquí.