Working together

Human trafficking is an international phenomenon that, is geographically widespread,, occurs across all social classes and is sometimes highly organized. It has social, geographic, administrative, political and economic implications and violates the human rights of the women who fall victim to it. It functions as a tremendously efficient large company; it is a crime that generates very high profits, with a high percentage of its perpetrators going unpunished.

To effectively combat this form of crime, it is necessary to set up a positive network that is well organized and coordinated, that responds to the phenomenon where it occurs, proposing measures and solutions in all areas (political, legislative, administrative, social, etc.) in order to impact all aspects of the phenomenon.

Therefore, Project HOPE actively works jointly and in collaboration with other public and private organizations and institutions at the local level as well as at the national and international level, such that the exchange of experiences and information enables a more realistic and deeper understanding of the problem of trafficking in women, so that it may result in an effective response to this serious violation of human rights.